Health and the Issues of the Heart

I recently read a book that offers the most scientific explanation for spiritual healing and miracles. It is called The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd, PhD and Ben Johnson, MD. I would like to share some of the facts I have gathered so that you may come to appreciate the works of our Creator who is also the greatest Healer in history.
1. Stress is the source of most illnesses and diseases (>90%). The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) or the ”fight or flight” system is turned on when we are under stress. When we are operating in ”fight or flight” mode, blood is channelled to our muscles so that we can fight harder and run faster than whatever is threatening our lives. Hence, less blood goes to our stomach to digest food, less blood goes to our frontal lobes of the brain for creative thought, and our immune system is put on hold.
2. Physiological stress is created through the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (H-P-A). The hypothalamus is the central processing unit of our brain which has connections to virtually every part of the brain and connects to the rest of our body through hormones that it manufactures and releases through the pituitary. The effects of stress can result in change in almost all our internal organs causing all kinds of illnesses and diseases.
3. All our health problems originate from a destructive energy frequency. So to heal health issues at the root, we have to heal the energy problem. When our hypothalamus throws us into ”fight or flight” mode by sending emergency signals to our body when there is no emergency, these frequencies are destructive instead of life saving. In “fight or flight” mode cells ( mitochondria) shut down to conserve energy in the body, nutrients and glucose can’t enter the cells and the cells are being starved resulting in low energy level. When the cells die, so does the body.
4. Wrong beliefs that initiate the body’s stress response are imbedded in cellular memories that make up the unconscious and conscious mind, along with the control centres of the brain. It’s the issues of the heart that are the source of every issue you can have in your life -physical, relational, and even success and failure (Prov 4:23).
5. All issues of the heart are spiritual issues. To heal our problems we have to heal the stress. To heal the stress we have to heal our heart/bad cellular memories. Issues of the heart include unforgiveness, wrong beliefs, selfishness, sadness/depression, anxiety/fear, harshness, not being good, unhealthy pride/arrogance, etc.


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