I heard a thought provoking story over YouTube the other day. The story took place in the 19th century before the age of the Internet and GPS. The foreman of a factory passed by a shop every morning and synchronised his watch with a huge and expensive looking clock which could be seen through the doorway of the shop. He did this because his watch was old and could not tell the time accurately, and he was required to sound the dismissal bell of the factory at 5pm everyday (to mark the end of the work day). One morning he met the shop owner at the doorway while he was adjusting his watch. The shop owner asked him why he always saw him adjusting his watch at the doorway. The man told the shop owner that he was synchronising his watch with the clock in his shop. The shop owner looked surprise and told the man that his clock wasn’t accurate anymore after many years of use and he would adjust it at 5pm every other day when the dismissal bell of the nearby factory sounded. What do you think is the moral of the story?
The above problem can easily be solved by technologies of the 21st century such as the Internet, GPS, Iphone and Ipad. However, there is a similar problem which no technology can solve. How does one tell good from evil, right from wrong? Most people think it is a personal feeling/judgement, but judging from history and current affairs one can easily conclude that that is not the case. What have we learnt from the Sept 11 terrorist attack, the 2008 financial crisis, the Middle East conflicts in recent years, scandals involving charitable organisations, financial institutions and civil servants? The problem lies with the absence of a set of objective moral values that is accepted and obeyed by every person. In Christianity, we believe in a God (Jesus) who came into this world to fulfil the law given by a Transcendent Moral Law Giver (the Father). He (Jesus) is known as the living Word of God or the Word made flesh. We believe that He came to teach us how to live by the Word of God so that we may experience the love, peace and justice that can only be found in the Kingdom of God.


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