Finding God’s Will For You – St Francis de Sales

“Eternal Lord, ensure forever “not my will but Yours be done.” We are in this world not to do our own will but that of your goodness, which has placed us here. It was written of You, O Saviour of my soul, that You did the will of Your eternal Father. By the first human act of will Your soul at the instant of Your conception, You lovingly embraced that law of the divine will and placed it within Your heart, eternally to reign and have dominion there.”

God’s will is supremely perfect, right, just, and equitable. God loved humanity so much that He sent His Son to redeem us from our sins so that we may forever be united with Him in His heavenly kingdom.

God makes three acts of will: He wills that we should be able to resist; He desires that we should not resist; and yet He allows us to resist if we so will. That we can resist depends on our natural state and liberty; that we do resist depends on our own malice; and that we do not resist is according to the desire of divine goodness. Therefore, when we resist, God contributes nothing to our disobedience but leaves our will “in the hands of its own” free will and permits it to choose evil; when we obey, God contributes His assistance, His inspiration, and His Grace.

To reject and despise God’s counsels in our life can be thought only in a spirit of blasphemy, as though God were either not wise enough to know or not good enough to wish to give good advice. Since this is not true, it follows then that it is in our best interest to listen, obey and to submit to God’s will for us.

“Yes, Lord, Your will be done, on earth where we have no pleasure without a mixture of some pain, no roses without thorns, no day without a night to follow, no spring without a winter that went before; on earth, Lord, where consolations are rare and trials are countless. Still, O God, Your will be done, not only in the fulfillment of Your commandments, counsels, and inspirations, which must be done by us, but also in the suffering of afflictions and punishments, which must be accepted by us, to the end that by us, for us, in us, and with us, Your will may do all that is pleasing to it.”

If we can love God for who He is and because He loves us, we can be indifferent to whatever events God sends us. Rather than disturb ourselves with willing or not willing certain events, since we do not know what we ought to will, let us place our trust in God who will always will in sufficient measure all that we could will for ourselves without putting ourselves in trouble.

Therefore, in all that we do, leave the success of our endeavours in God’s hands. Serve God in the circumstances in which He places you. Follow only those inspirations that are holy and that bring your soul peace. Strive to grow in perfection and in God’s likeness, to love God purely to please Him, and to will nothing for ourselves but what God wills for us.


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